Each year, beer festivals are celebrated in locations across the globe, but only the best gain true fame. Among the top beer festivals in the world is BEERTOWN. BEERTOWN, Malton’s Craft Beer festival is a season of celebration and a true theatrical version of the celebration of beer. BEERTOWN takes events to the ultimate level with multiple days of activities, live music, and more.

Where it All Began

Every beer festival has a starting point and for BEERTOWN, the festival began in 2014. BEERTOWN has grown into a remarkably popular event that brings in thousands of people from around the world. BEERTOWN is a three day festival that introduces the public to the most popular beers on the market for that year. The festival features 60 beers highlighting the unique flavours and distinct qualities of each. Primarily, there are two breweries, Brass Castle and Bad Seed, that provide that wide array of locally, regionally, and world renowned craft beers.

What Beer Varieties Are Available?

On display and for your drinking pleasure are cast and keg beers from a variety of different breweries. The streets run with beer during this celebration and a true theater of brew will encapsulate your spirit. For three days, festival goers are treated to various flavours, varieties, and new brews, but do not think this event is just to showcase what is new. Some of your traditional favourites are always a part of the festival as well.

Motivation for the Festival

Having a substantially large beer celebration such as BEERTOWN is motivation enough for most attendees, but the festival is not merely about enjoying a pint or two. It is about raising money as well. The Ryedale Special Families organization is one that deserves support. It assists families of children with special needs.

Ryedale Special Families supports over 400 families and has steadily grown in popularity since its inception during the 1990s. The growing network of family assistants helps families navigate the confusing and confounding world of special needs. It promotes assistance with medical bills, advocates for medical devices that makes it easier to care for a special needs child, and even offers families an emotional support pillar to lean on when times are most difficult. BEERTOWN is a proud sponsor of Ryedale Special Families and all it does for the Ryedale special needs community.

Can Kids Attend?

Often, festivals surrounding beer are not a place that families with children venture, but at BEERTOWN, there is truly something for everyone. BEERTOWN specifically invests in activities for children during the 3 day event and these activities are available during the day before 8pm. After 8pm festival coordinators provide more adult driven entertainment, but if you have a family and want an enjoyable event to take them to, why not enjoy a day, or two, or three at BEERTOWN, Malton’s Craft Beer Festival.

How About the Family Pet?

Pets are family too and many people enjoy bringing their furry friend with them wherever they go. Some events bar the ability to bring our most loyal family members along, but not BEERTOWN. At BEERTOWN, you can bring along your best friend for all three days. However, there are a few stipulations you will want to keep in mind.

First, your pet must be kept on a lead at all times. Additionally, the pet needs to be properly socialized before attending the event. Dogs that get nervous or territorial when other people are present should not be brought to the event. However, if your dog is friendly and enjoys a good time out with others, bring them along and enjoy BEERTOWN with the whole family.

Live Music

Part of the allure that has taken over BEERTOWN is not the beer itself, but the array of entertainment that takes place during the event. Live bands, both local and regional command the stages surrounding the event. There is something for everyone. If you love hearing live, loud music while you enjoy pint after pint of delicious beer, BEERTOWN is the place for you.

When Does BEERTOWN Take Place?

BEERTOWN is a held every year during April. Generally, the third weekend in April consisting of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are devoted to BEERTOWN. The only time the festival was not held was during the years of 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, since restrictions on festivals have alleviated, BEERTOWN is back up and running.

BEERTOWN is the festival beer lovers in Malton look forward to each and every year. So if you are looking for something to do next April, come down to Milton Rooms in the heart of Malton and enjoy a truly remarkable beer festival. BEERTOWN has become the quintessential beer festival in Malton and you can enjoy beer, family fun, and live music during this impressive event.

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