The Old Mout Cider Company is over 70 years old and was the brainchild of NZ entrepreneur Wanda Tait. While on a cycling holiday in the UK, she fell in love with the taste of a local scrumpy she sampled.

On her return home, this intrepid lady set up her own cidery in a shed,  and the Old Mout brand was born. The company was taken over by two young pioneers, Justin and Scottie, who took the brand to the next level.

Today Old Mout cider is enjoyed in the UK and comes in a range of award-winning flavours, including:

  • Berries & cherries
  • Kiwi & lime
  • Pineapple & raspberry
  • Strawberry & Apple
  • Watermelon & lime
  • Berries & Cherries Alcohol-Free
  • Pineapple & raspberry Alcohol-Free

Fans of Old Mout Cider can enjoy a range of branded glassware and promotional gifts that make excellent gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

Glasses Quality Rate
Old Mount Cider Pint Glass
Old Mount Cider Pint Glass

Drinks look effortlessly stunning in this glass. The glass offers a substantial base and stem design with thick glass for maximum durability. Dimensions for the glass are 23.3cm X 10.9cm X 10.1cm, so it is ideal for those that prefer a larger glass for their drink. The glass used in this design is dishwasher safe and will last for many years to come.

Old Mount Cider CS Marked Pint Glass
Old Mount Cider CS Marked Pint Glass

A single glass is great, but this product comes as a pair, so you and your companion can have a drink together. This set features high grade glass and a substantially strong base for years of use without the fear of chipping or breaking. The Glass set is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Personalised Old Mout Cider 1 pint glass
Personalised Old Mout Cider 1 pint glass

This is original Old Mout Cider glass with the logo and CE marking. It is a great gift idea because you can personalise this glass with your own message. You can have 4 lines of 15 characters engraved on the glass.

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