Salcombe Brewing Company

Building a brewery is not always as easy as merely constructing a facility. It takes an eye for the right location and the Salcombe Brewing Company certainly found the right location for their operation. The site is built on an old water reservoir. The importance of this is phenomenal as the land is more adapted to maintaining a cooler temperature and the brewery is supplied with its own water source. The beer that comes out of Salcombe Brewing Company is exceptional and distributed throughout the region.

Hunter’s Brewery

Family tradition runs deep at Hunter’s Brewery. This family owned establishment has been lovingly crafting various beers since 2008. Their range of flavours is enough to satisfy any avid beer drinker. Their commitment to quality has allowed this family to make beer that is more than just an average pint, but a flavour explosion that is uniquely all its own.

Stannary Brewing Company

The age of craft brewing has been growing strong for many years, but Stannary Brewing Company is among the first to truly invest in the concept. In 2016, the company began with a few individuals brewing beer in a converted garage unit. Today, the brewery has come far and produces some of the best tasting brews in Devon. The facility includes a tap room with a unique form of seating. Standard metal stools pull up to classically authentic, wooden brew barrels.

Roam Brewery and Taproom

Tradition and innovation come together beautifully in the Roam Brewery and Taproom. This exceptional brewery in Devon combines the traditional brewing experience with a modern twist. Beer is brewed on the lower level of the facility to help contend with temperature requirements for the beer while tastings occur on the upper level. Roam Brewery and Tap room attracts people from regions in an around Devon for both their brews and amazing food.

Sam’s Cider

Few breweries can boast a commitment to the brewing industry for over 100 years, but Sam’s Cider certainly can. This establishment has been continually producing some of the best cider in the industry since 1916. Their attention to every aspect of production is what sets them apart from competition. Only the best apples make it into their cider and their cellars house some of the finest cider on the market today.

New Lion

New Lion is a community of brewers with one continual common goal. The brew facility allows investors with the brewery to bring in hops grown on their personal properties. Each harvest season, hops are brought to the facility to brew a limited amount of beer. What is so exceptional about the process is that New Lion is always in demand simply because it is a limited production brewing facility. This community oriented brewery is devoted to high quality beer and family tradition. It will likely grow larger in the future, but is unlikely to give up the distinct values they have honed into the brewery over the years.

Dartmoor Brewery

Various factors come into effect when you desire to make the ideal beer. The relation of the brewery to sea level is one and the type of water is another. At the Dartmor Brewery, both factors are contended with beautifully. The Dartmoor Brewery is the highest brewery in Devon and boasts the cleanest, natural water source directly from the Dartmoor National Forest. Devoid of pollution and brewed to be exceptional, every pint from the Dartmoor Brewery is sure to please.

Otter Brewery

If you have a desire to help the environment, the Otter Brewery is the one for you. This eco-friendly brewery boasts brewing methods that enhance the flavour of their beers without taking away from mother earth. Each step is perfectly designed to be aligned with nature and the final result, is exceptional brew quality you will want to savour again and again.

Red Rock Microbrewery

It is a family brewing affair at Red Rock Microbrewery. Dad and daughter have set out to become among the best microbrewers in Devon and they have certainly succeeded with various ales brewed of exceptional quality coming from Red Rock Microbrewery every day. Deep flavours and innovative brewing methods set this brewery apart from others and their inspiration comes directly from the land where their valued hops are grown.

The Wizard Brewing Company

Magic is found in every pint offered from the Wizard Brewing Company. This brewery is the brain child of a magician that has practiced his craft for over 40 years and has had an invested interest in the brewery for the last 35 years. The process is traditional, but the outcome seems almost magical as innovative ingredients are expertly introduced into every batch. The Wizard Brewing Company produces various types of beers to satisfy the tastes of all their customers.

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