Runaway Brewery

The best breweries in Manchester have not happened by accident. It takes diligent work and determination to make a top brewery and the Runaway Brewery has achieved that goal. This brewery is not only a great place to throw back a pint or two, but also an avenue to learn a little more about your favourite drink and how various ingredients can have a vast affect on the final product. Regular tours are a part of the landscape at this incredible brewery, so if you want to learn or just have a drink, Runaway Brewery is the place to be.

Beatnikz Republic

Age of an establishment is not always a factor in its ability to rise to the top, and Beatnikz Republic is a true example of those. The brewery has only been a part of the Manchester landscape since 2018, but it has become among the top rated breweries in the area. Their insistence on focusing on high quality, microbrew is how they have achieved this high honour in such a short time. Beatnikz Republic not only focuses their attention on their own brew, but has managed to offer various beers from around the globe as well.

Tinhead Brewery

A passion for beer can come from anywhere, but at Tinhead Brewery, it all began with a father and son team brewing beer from their home. In 2016, the Tinhead Brewery was born and since them, it has been responsible for brewing some of the best beer in Manchester. Part of the allure stems from the eye catching can and bottle designs from the business. Each one is designed with a unique design that mimics old school graffiti. Their non-traditional stance allows the brewery to stand out among the sea of other amazing breweries in the area.

Cloudwater Brewery

A sensory experience awaits guests of the Cloudwater Brewery. Since 2014, this microbrewery has been serving up some of Manchester’s finest beer. Through a classic, yet sophisticated set of techniques they bring the best out of every pint of beer served. Cloudwater Brewery works in collaboration with other breweries across the globe to offer a wide array of brews to satisfy every customer’s desire.

Shin Digger Brewery

While in the pursuit for higher education at university, two lone brewers began producing beer for campus parties. The venture soon formed into Shin Digger Brewery. The brewery now insists on producing only the highest quality brew and the mates that began the brewery in 2014, are still impressing customers, but no longer at house parties. The team of now 12 people continually update and reimagine beer varieties and have currently released over 40 different brew types.

Stubborn Mule Brewery

A determined spirit is the driving force behind many up and coming companies and Stubborn Mule Brewery, certainly fits that notion. The brewery was started in 2016 by one man brewing from a shed in the back of his home during his free time. Now it has blossomed into a full brewery in high demand throughout Manchester. Although the operation still remains relatively small compared to others, it is growing and producing some high quality brew for all.

Beer Nouveau

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it is the mentality behind Beer Nouveau. This eco friendly brewing company chooses to focus on history and rich tradition surrounding the beer industry. They produce some of the finest traditional beers form recipes dating back to ancient Egypt. In addition to the many traditional brews offered, Beer Nouveau also uses foraged ingredients to enhance and distinguish their beer form all others. It is both an economical and environmentally friendly brewing concept that makes the wheels continue to turn at beer Nouveau.

Northern Monkey Brewery

At the Northern Monkey Brewery, customers are inundated with 7 craft beer kegs and 4 cast beers that are continually rotated. Wine, lager, gins, ciders, and other spirits are available as well. Where customers come for the brew and spirits available, they stay for the live music and exceptional quality food served. Pizza and beer go together perfectly in this funky, yet traditional brewery.

Seven Bro7hers Brewery

Family businesses can be difficult, but the real life 7 bothers at Seven Bro7hers Brewery make it work. The business is a full scale operation that distributes their distinctively high quality beer throughout Manchester at various locations. However, for the best approach to drinking their delectable beer offerings, is at the tap room which offers regular tastings and tours.

Track Brewing Company

Beer can take you on a journey and for the Track Brewing Company, their journey began in 2008 with a cycling excursion that took on 25 countries. The Track Brewing Company is now among the top breweries in Manchester and has combined both the brewing facility and tap room all in one location. The brewery has substantially increased their output and become a true player in the brewery game, but their devotion to quality has remained the same since they opened the first tap.

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