Every beer enthusiast has their favourite brand. Some tend to only indulge in microbrews, but the vast majority enjoy larger brands and among the top brands in the world is Corona. This brand of beer has often been given a bad reputation for its insistence on using clear bottles, which deteriorate the flavour in most beers. It has also been the butt of many jokes having to do with our current pandemic which shares a similar name with this world renowned beer brand. However, there is no need to worry about this full bodied, flavourful beer and here is a few things to know about Corona beer.

Where is Corona Beer From?

Corona is distributed in over 120 countries throughout the world. It is among the most widely recognized brands and is continually beating out its competition. Although one might think that a beer of this caliber would be distributed by large breweries in Belgium or similar countries where beer is a true king, it is actually brewed in a Mexican Brewery. The brewery is called Cerveceria Modelo. The parent brand is actually a Belgian company, but primary distribution comes from Mexico.

Who Owns Corona Beer

Cerveceria Modela is the Corona Distribution Center for the Group Modela. Group Modela is among the primary beer distributors in Mexico and designates their beer primarily for the Mexican pallet. In 2012, the announcement came that Anheuser-Busch InBev would become sole owner of the Group Modela and its affiliates. Although the brand has changed hands a few times, it has kept the same, closely guarded recipe and iconic name derived from the Spanish word for Sun.

What Type of Beer is Corona?

Generally, Corona is a Pale Ale type of brew. This means Corona is primarily a medium bodies beer with a distinct light copper colour and noticeable hops flavour. However, there are a few different types of Corona to choose from.

Corona Extra is among the most popular beers within the brand. This is the one most commonly found in Mexican restaurants featuring a lime slice upon service. In Mexico, the beer is not served with a lime wedge, but rather simply taken straight.

Corona Light is another popular Corona beer type as it offers fewer calories and carbohydrates to help you drink more without filling up too fast.

Corona Familiar is one most beer drinkers have not seen outside Mexico. This beer comes in larger 940 ml bottles and is not served in a clear glass, but in an amber-coloured glass to preserve the distinct flavour. It is generally a favourite in Mexico, so if your travels take you to that part of the world, look for Corona Familiar.

What Percentage is Corona Beer?

Corona is generally 4.5% ABV. It pairs well with a variety of different foods, but Corona lovers agree it tends to pair best with food from native Mexico. Mexican fruits, vegetables, and spices enhance the subtle notes within the recipe, so if you want the best experience, pair it with your best Mexican dishes.

How Many Calories is a Corona Extra Beer?

Corona Extra Beer is considered as the brand’s primary beer variety. Corona Extra is presented in a 7oz. bottle with approximately 71 carbohydrates. The beer is 4.6%AVB and contains 81 calories per bottle.

Things to Know About Corona Beer

Corona sponsors many different sporting events including boxing in both the United States and Mexico, the LPGA Tour, and the racing series NASCAR PEAK.

The tagline for most Corona commercials is “Miles Away from Ordinary.” The commercials emphasis the laid back lifestyle Corona wants to perpetuate and empower the Corona name derived from the sun. Other taglines included “Find Your Beach” and “O Tannenpalm” to celebrate the holidays in the early 90s.

The Fast and Furious Franchise made Corona more popular, but the brand never actually signed on to sponsor the film. However, throughout all the films, the brand is highly visible

Corona is generally served with a lime wedge, so the makers of this iconic brand thought it natural to begin producing their very own limes. The announcement was made in 2018 and you can now buy your own Corona brand limes to accompany your Corona, Corona Extra, and Corona Light.

Corona beer has come a long way in production and distribution and currently, is imported into 120 countries and counting. This brand may have had its ups and downs, but for those who love a good pale ale, there is nothing better. Corona sticks to what they know and the recipe behind the brand has not changed since the 1980s. Where other brands evolve and alter ingredients, Corona knows what works, so they offer the same, great tasting beer and add a few additions from time to time just to shake things up a bit.

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