When the shot glasses come out, you know that the party is about to start because that is when the list of endless drinks and spirits comes alive. However, many people are still unsure of how many millilitres are in a shot glass. This is because cocktail recipes will often include a shot of some sort but if you don’t have a shot glass, then you won’t know how much to use. So, if this is an issue for you, read on because we are about to bring you the answers you are looking for.

How Many ml in a Shot?

The size of a shot will differ around the world but in the UK, a shot will contain 25ml. There is no official measurement of a shot, so you might find yourself in a bar in America and ask for a shot, only to be given a shot that’s 44ml in size or almost double that of a shot in the UK.

What is a Shot Glass? 

A shot glass is a glass that is small in size, making it suitable to hold the 25ml of liquid that makes up a shot. They will only hold one shot that can be drunk in one go or it can be added to another drink, such as a cocktail.

However, what happens if you are making a cocktail but you don’t have a shot glass to use or measure with? Fear not, there are other options that you can use.

6 x 25ml shot glasses
6 x 25ml shot glasses

Classic shot glasses with 25ml capacity. Strong and sturdy base. Highly recommended.

The Counting Method

 Free pouring is a good way of pouring a shot without a shot glass. Furthermore, it makes for an awesome party trick that you can learn quite easily. A shot is 25ml which is just under 1 ounce and so, you can use the counting method to pour a shot. To pour a shot in the UK without a shot glass, you are looking at using a two-count method.

So, use a standard glass and pour water into it while counting up to two. Then take the liquid and measure it in a shot glass. You can then practice this using the two count until you can accurately pour a shot without a shot glass. Around 10-30 minutes of practice should set you on your way.

Use Measuring Spoons

If free pouring is not your thing then this might be the better option. You can use single or double measuring spoons to measure out a shot as required.

Medicine Cup of Spoon

Medicine bottles will either come with a measuring cup or a spoon. These are brilliant for measuring shots as they will come with weather 2.5ml or 5ml measurements. So, you might require 10 x 2.5m measurements or 5 x 5ml measurements.

How Many Shots Are in a Bottle?

When it comes to spirits it can be useful to work out how many bottles you will need for your next party. If you can work out the number of shots in a bottle and how many shots people are likely to drink, you can purchase enough bottles of spirits. Therefore, spirit bottles can come in 500ml, 700ml and 1 litre sizes as well as other sizes, although these are the most common. Therefore, a 500ml bottle will have 20 shots, a 700ml bottle will have 28 shots and a 1 litre bottle will have 40 shots.

1.5 oz Classic Shot Glasses
1.5 oz Classic Shot Glasses

Cheap and classy! The most popular rounded shape.

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