A growing debate among avid gin and tonic drinkers is what glass is best for the drink. Currently there are 2 traditional options that are up for debate, the Copa Balloon or the Hi-Ball glass. Each gin and tonic drinker has their individual opinion and as long as you enjoy the drink there is likely no right or wrong answer to this conundrum, but rest assured we will get to the bottom of the debate. We will examine each type of glass to help you make a better decision as to which one is the right choice for your ideal gin and tonic drinking experience.

The Copa Balloon Glass

The debate of which glass is the best for gin and tonic rages on, but the Copa Balloon Glass supporters feel their argument is most valid. It is said that the shape of a glass gives relevance to the drink experience and the large balloon style of the glass captures the most aroma. This aspect is said to concentrate odours and aromas to enhance the drink experience. An additional aspect of the Copa Balloon Glass comes from the ability to use large ice cubes. The larger cubes melt slower and therefore are not likely to water down the drink.

Additionally, the Copa Balloon Glass offers a small stem at its base. The addition of a stem is all about the preservation of the drink’s temperature. By holding a glass by its stem, less heat is distributed from the hand into your drink. However, it is the stem that receives most criticism in the case of those who do not approve of the Copa Balloon Glass. The stem makes the glass look odd and it is said that only those with small hands benefit from using a Copa Balloon Glass.

Essence Gin Balloon Glasses

Essence Gin Balloon Glasses

  • 2 x Copa Balloon Glasses
  • 22.7oz / 645ml
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Material: Soda lime glass

Copa Balloon Glass lovers can rejoice when they receive the Essence Gin Balloon Glasses. This set features 2, classic stemmed balloon glasses ideal for your gin and tonic or a variety of other drinks. Soda lime glass helps keep drinks looking impressive inside the glass, but this is not just a thin, delicate glassware set. On the contrary, the composition of the Essence Gin Balloon Glasses allows them to be completely dishwasher safe and resist chipping, scratching, and breaking.

Not only will you receive the Essence Gin Balloon Glasses in perfect condition, they come packaged in a stunning gift box. If you, yourself are a balloon glass enthusiast or you know someone who is, this traditional balloon glass set is ideal for the cocktail lover and is sure to keep your gin and tonic at the ideal temperature.


The Hi-Ball Glass

On the other side of this ongoing debate is the Hi-Ball Glass. This glass is a traditional glass with a huge following. Most individuals that do not feel compelled by the balloon glass design claim the Hi-Ball is the better choice basically because it is uncomplicated, holds plenty of ice, and offers the right amount of capacity for gin and tonics along with a variety of other drinks. An additional aspect of this glass is the overall look. Many avid hi-ball lovers feel less self conscious drinking out of this style than the Copa Balloon Glass.

FLOW Barware Highball Glass Gift Set

FLOW Barware Highball Glass Gift Set

  • 360ml glass
  • Highball Glass
  • 2 metal straw/stirrers
  • Ice mould
  • Gift box

The FLOW Barware Highball Glass Gift Set is the ideal gift for the hi ball glass enthusiast in your life. This set features a stunningly beautiful high ball glass, 2 metal straw/stirrers, and an ice mould, all packaged in a beautiful gift box. The large capacity 360ml glass offers a vintage star pattern rising from its base and a toughened glass composition. The glass is fully dishwasher safe and is sure to become your favorite hi-ball glass for all your specialty drink needs. The set of 2 combination drink stirrers and straws offers a high quality way to stir the drink as well as sip it and with an extra one on hand, you can wash one while using the other.

This set also features a 5cm ice mould. Standard ice cubes and crushed ice tend to water down the drink experience, but with this robust, rounded ice mould, your drink will remain cold, and flavorful longer. The FLOW Barware Highball Glass Gift Set is designed to provide an optimal drinking experience, so consider purchasing it for the drink enthusiast in your life.


Is there really a bad glass for a gin and tonic? Does it really matter if one person prefers one glass over another? Not really. A good gin and tonic is made with an adequate quantity of ice, high quality gin and the best tonic on the market. Get these three ingredients correct and you will have a quality gin and tonic drinking experience, despite the glass. Enjoy your gin and tonic in a Hi-Ball Glass or a Copa Balloon Glass. There is no wrong answer when you are enjoying a good drink.

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